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I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas AND almost 2017!?!?! What! This post is dedicated to the INCREDIBLE bride and grooms I got the chance to work with this year.  These pictures were end of the night, sweaty, tired pictures but I feel they truly show the joy I feel when working with couples.  Only one of these weddings did I have a second shooter, it was mostly me, bride, and groom all day long.  Amanda, Matt, Maurice, Taylor, Rebekah, Johnny, Charise, Jordan, Kati, Brandon, Katlyn, Luke, Katie, and Erick- THANK YOU! You guys were all so amazing to work with.  Your weddings were beautiful, you each made me feel so welcomed, I could just cry thinking about these 7 special days.  I pray you cherish these memories and pictures forever!  I feel like I have 14 lifelong friends after an incredible year!  I decided to pull all of these pictures together AND give out 2016 Ashley Edmunds Photography Wedding superlatives!! And yes, I did wear the same dress three weddings in the a row, it’s so comfy! Here goes nothing…

Best “I’m here to party” Wedding // Amanda & Matt were SO chill about their day which made my job easy.  They rented out their favorite restaurant/bar from college and had all of their friends come together again.  I had so much fun in Hokie town and was even pulled into eating with the bridal party and dancing multiple times, WHAT, so fun!!!!  I can’t believe I didn’t meet these two until their wedding day, thanks for being so inviting and throwing the party of the year! “Most Sentimental” Wedding // Taylor & Maurice have been together for so long and had been waiting for this day!  It is hard to photograph a wedding when you are constantly crying, gah!! Taylor walking down the aisle, Maurice’s face, and her daddy daughter dance will be forever engrained in my mind.  Something so incredibly special happened by that river on a rainy day in August.  The best part- These two are my first couple from 2016 to expand their family- congrats to you two and baby boy Gaines, you will be incredible parents! “Best Surrounding Team” // Rebekah and Johnny had SO many incredible people apart of their day.  The had a florist friend that went above & beyond, both come from huge supportive families, and even had a guest from out of the country!  Who you surround yourself with says a lot about a person and these two really know how to pick amazing friends!  “Best Team” // Charise and Jordan were seriously made for each other.  Everyone present would agree that these two are a perfect match.  The way they interacted throughout the day is something I hope to find one day myself.  You two are so in love and this was so evident throughout your entire wedding.  Charise really was a princess and Jordan treats her with the upmost care and love.  How special that we all gathered somewhere so beautiful that had so much meaning to you two!! “Most Welcoming” Wedding //Kati & Brandon are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet.  They were determined to accommodate their guests, their family, and myself and boy did they do so.  Guests barely had anytime to wait in between the ceremony and reception (yah for first looks!), they had an incredible spread of food and endless alcohol.  Kati and Brandon spent their whole day serving each other, family/friends, and myself.  I left feeling like I was officially apart of the Peak/Whiting clan.  These two are going to serve so many in their marriage! “Most Relaxed Couple” // Katlyn and Luke are two of these most kind people I have ever met.  I had never met these two before and they trusted me with SO much throughout the day.  Katlyn was constantly checking in with me to make sure I was okay.  They were so excited this day was finally here and their positive energy spread throughout all the guests, vendors, and family members.    “Best Planned” Wedding // Erick & Katie did SUCH an incredible job thinking through every aspect of their day.  This served EVERYONE involved and led to a stress free wedding.  Not only was everything well planned, but every aspect had meaning and purpose.  From wearing her grandmothers garter to providing their wedding party with an incredible trolley ride across town to a speech and daddy daughter dance I will NEVER forget, everything came together beautifully.  

You’re next Erica & Ryan, JC & Shanna, Karen & Matt, Erin & Jim, Kelly & Aaron, Blake & Ashlee and whoever else becomes a 2017 Ashley Edmunds Photography Bride & Groom!