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Happy Valentines Day!!!! or as I like to call it, Galentines Day!! Monday came all to fast yesterday, but Richmond got an 80 degree day over the weekend, whoa! It was seriously the best.  Here’s a fun little recap of what felt like our first Spring weekend.

Friday kicked off with meeting friends at a new to me restaurant in Richmond.  Ever since moving to Richmond, I’ve become a total foodie.  In fact, I’m typing this blog post at a local acai bowl lunch spot.  Think lots of berries, topped with honey, coconut, and granola.  Anyway, the restaurant we tried on Friday was called Goatacado.  They had about 8 different style bowls, california, mexican, Mediterranean, asian, etc. Once you pick your style, then you alter your toppings.  They also serve local beer from breweries near by.  We all rated it A+ and felt very healthy (until later that night).   Next, was a highlight of the weekend.  We headed to a Galentine’s Party at Hill City!  The whole party was themed parks and rec.  There was a flower crown making station (shout out to RVA Rose for teaching us pathetic girls how to make flower crowns), a masseuse station, an ice cream bar, a nacho bar, and lots more.  The night ended with a huge 90’s dance party.  It was basically a sleepover for young adults, my absolute dream!!!Friday night (into Saturday morning) I ended getting drinks out with friends at Sticky Rice (a restaurant turned dance-on-tables bar on the weekend).

Saturday was spent sleeping in and visiting family.  Saturday for dinner I met up with some work friends for my second stop on the food tour of the weekend.  There’s a rather new restaurant downtown called Wong Gonzalez.  It’s an asian mexican fusion restaurant.  Think orange chicken tacos or taco meat friend rice.  Basically the two best food groups combined in one.  It was very hip and reasonably priced.  Another A+ from this easy to please foodie.  After dinner, we all had 2 hours to kill so we headed to the Pig and the Pearl for some drinks.  Another neat bar that Richmond has to offer, they are known for their oysters.  Finally, we made it to the Three Sheets to the Wind Concert.  They are a local Richmond 80’s cover band.  They are AMAZING and put on such a good show at the Broadberry.  We danced the night away to dancing in the moonlight and lots of other amazing 80’s hits.  Side note- I totally rocked being 11th wheel all night, you know you have good friends when you never feel alone! Sunday came quick and man was it a beautiful day.  I photographed Baptisms at my church in the morning.  This was such a honor and probably one of my most favorite things I’ve ever captured.   After this, I went to a cool pop up shop and bought a beautiful framed map of Belle Isle, definitely a prized possession in my decor purchases.  For lunch, I went with some friends from church to En Su Boca. Foodie interruption – ESB is a classic Richmond Tex-Mex spot on boulevard.  They offer amazing food but be careful with the margaritas, they are stronger than you think!

Sunday afternoon, I met up with a friend to walk all around the canal walk.  Richmond has extended a pedestrian bridge to go across the entire James River.  On the other side, we were surprised to find an overlook, hiking trials, etc.  It was a beautiful walk with Sadie (the dog)!  I felt so happy seeing more of Richmond while it was so nice outside.  The weekend ended with this text from my parents “Grilling steaks for dinner on the grill, you want in?”  Once again, for someone that plans their days around delicious food, this was music to my hears.  I drove over to my parents place and had a great night eating steaks and watching the grammys with them.

I also got a roll of film back this weekend, and it looked something like this, whoops!

Like I said, sometimes I jam pack my weekends so much, I feel like I need a weekday to recover.  That won’t be happening this week, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Trying to decide if I’m ready for Spring or want one more big snow to get us out of school?!

Happy Valentine’s Day friends,