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Soo….where’s the snow?!  Actually I think I am okay with no snow and very ready for spring! This weekend was PACKED, but I had a blast.  Here’s a little recap of a weekend home in Richmond.

Friday night was a night I had been looking forward to for awhile.  The week before was so crazy.  Friday came and Kate, Christina, and I were like wait…were going to see the Avett Brothers tonight!!! That’s the best feeling when things come up unexpected.  Before the show, we went to Wong Gonzalez, an asian mexican fusion restaurant.  Think orange chicken burritos, and taco meat friend rice, YUM!  Not only is the food good but the decor is on point.  The show was AMAZING! It was our second time seeing Avett Brother’s together. Both shows were so different, yet so great!  Saturday morning came early.  I headed to the Quirk Hotel for a good friend’s bridal shower.  The Quirk is Richmond’s new hip hotel.  They have an amazing rooftop bar and the whole hotel is decked out in white, gold, marble, and pink!  It is definitely a must see if you are passing through Richmond.  It was great seeing friends from high school and meeting Rebekah’s finance! 

Next, I met up with some friends and went to the Shamrock the Block Festival in Scott’s Addition.  We have been planning this for a while and were so happy the rain held up!  We had a blast dancing to an 80’s cover band in the streets eating and drinking locally!  We were exhausted after and ended our day at Burger Bach for burgers, another great dinner spot in Richmond.  Saturday night I met up with a friend that recently bought a film camera, so fun exploring that side of photography.  Sunday, I went to Hill City Church.  If anyone is looking for a church here in Richmond let me know, I LOVE it at Hill City!  After church, I made an adult move and purchased a couch and matching chair, what?! Are we even old enough for that? Love the color!  Sunday night I made some delicious scones that I found on pinterest and edited some more of Ryan and Erica’s wedding.  Can’t wait to share more of their big day! 

Stay tuned for a big announcement in the next week!