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Bride & Groom Superlatives 2017

This is my favorite post ALL YEAR LONG!  My second annual Bride and Groom Superlatives!! Check out 2016- HERE! I literally think about this post while I’m photographing every wedding and what superlative they would get.  I am SO thankful to work with such amazing people.  I realized something unique this year- I spend more time with the bride and the groom than anyone else is with them the entire day.  I may even spend more time with the bride than she does with her groom, that’s just crazy to think about!  I leave every wedding feeling like I was A- a guest by the way I am always treated, B- have two new best friends because we just spent the best day of their life together and C- so emotional and thankful for this opportunity to do what I love.  THANK YOU doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.  Disclaimer before we get into the superlatives- this obviously is not the most important picture of the day, so you get to see me at the end of the night, usually covered in sweat, ew I know gross!  Also- yes, when I find a dress that works, I wear it um maybe three weekends in a row….haha! Also- I couldn’t pick just one superlative for each wedding so there is a superlative AND a runner up for each couple!  Click on their names to see the post all about their wedding.  Drum roll please…

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Aaron + Kelly | Married

This is my final wedding to share of 2017!!! I am feeling SO incredibly thankful for such an amazing year, more of that to come soon.  This wedding was one for the books and such a great way to end the year.  Kelly and Aaron went to high school together here in Richmond at Deep Run.  There’s something special about a room full of people that have known each other for SO long!  Kelly’s dad said something that really stuck out to me.  He went to someones wedding a while ago and thought how hard it must be for dads to let go and watch their baby girls get married, he thought to himself, “I could never do that with one of my daughters.”  He then proceeded to talk about how easy this day had been for him because of how much he respected and trusted Aaron…there were definitely tears behind the camera during that one!  Kelly and Aaron- Thanks for such an amazing day and trusting me with your day!  Enjoy!

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David + Bailey | Engaged

Right off the bat, I connected with David and Bailey.  We understood the whole seeing students in public, coteaching, SOL and graduation requirement – if you guessed it by now, we are all three high school teachers!  David and Bailey actually met last year teaching at Tucker High School, how cool?!  I can’t wait for their wedding in June!  We will all three have had a two week summer vacation and be ready to go!  For their engagement session, they wanted a nice, beautiful fall day at an apple orchard.  It was drizzling when we woke up but we decided to power through and I’m SO glad we did.  We hit the jackpot of fall colors.  I literally think Nov. 4th and 5th were some of the only days this whole year we’ve had vibrant fall colors.  Thanks again for a great afternoon you two, Enjoy!!  2017-11-14_0005.jpg read more…

Matt + Karen | Married

This is going to be a long one, buckle up!  From start to finish- this wedding was absolutely incredible.  Karen, Matt, their families, friends, and team of vendors put together an AMAZING day.  Karen is a wedding planner herself, owner of Pretty Southern Events.  There were definitely some nerves when thinking about photographing a wedding of someone in the wedding industry. Along with the nerves though, I was also super excited because I knew Karen would be organized and be up for any picture adventures I had- boy was I right.  She made my job SO easy!  Karen and Matt decided on a Southern theme for their wedding.  You will see touches all throughout the pictures.  It made complete sense that they chose to get married at Berkeley Plantation– site of the very first Thanksgiving here in America.  It felt so surreal to walk the grounds of the plantation and see the character that this site brought to life.  Good find Karen & Matt!

Karen and Matt are most definitely a match made in heaven.  They compliment each other so well.  Karen supports Matt’s love of fishing and everything outdoors and Matt supports Karen’s wedding planning business and love for everything southern.  I felt so welcomed by their family and friends.  You can tell everyone has been waiting for these two to get married and they were SO ready to celebrate their love.  I will let you get to the pictures, this wedding is held so dear to my heart.  Every corner turned was a new surprise.  Thanks for everything Matt and Karen!

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Chris + Liz | Engaged

This is such a special week on the blog because I get to share pictures of two of my good friends.  Katie (wedding from Tuesday), Liz, and I all work together at Atlee in the English department.  I got so lucky when I started working at Atlee because there are so many amazing teachers that make up this incredible school.  Liz immediately was there to help with anything I needed.  In fact, I think I met her before the school year even started last year.  Around Christmas time last year, we all got to meet Chris as well.  Chris, Liz, (and Chipper), are building a house in the powhatan area.  When they told me to come out to their lot for the pictures, I was a little skeptical but WOW…one of my favorite spots I’ve ever taken engagement photos!  There were so many trails, ponds, and bridges around their new neighborhood.  I even got to see the spot that Chris proposed earlier this year.  Enjoy these fun pictures, you will see these two on the blog for their wedding in a year!

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Taylor + Katie | Married

There aren’t words to begin to describe how incredible this day was.  I have known Katie for over a year now, we work together at Atlee High School.  She has been such an amazing friend and coworker to me this past year.  We like to tell people “we have the exact same position at Atlee and our desks actually touch.”  I am thankful for her going before me in the teaching world and everything she does to help me and help everyone around her.  Everyone has that one coworker that’s always in a good mood and doesn’t let stress get the best of them- that’s Katie without a doubt.  She’s the sunshine to so many of us at work, we are so thankful!  Not to mention her and Taylor live right around the corner from me and we have gone to the river, picked crabs, gone hiking..these two are SO much fun.  It was such a cool experience to meet all of their family and friends.

A lot stands out to me about this day.  The first being that the wedding was on a flower farm!  The bride and bridesmaids all got to pick their own flowers for their bouquets and flower crowns on Friday morning.  Just wait until you see the colors and amazing flowers!  The decor, speeches, dances..everything was so Katie and Taylor.  Every little thing made me smile.  The love between these two is undeniable.  They have so much in common, yet balance each other out so well in areas they are different.  They are both surrounded by so much love between their friends and family.  Lots of people traveled to make the wedding, it was a true celebration of love and joy.  Side note-  Pharsalia is such an amazing place.  I heard from multiple guests this was their favorite wedding they’ve ever been to…Wow you two, that’s impressive!!

This couldn’t have happened without Katie and Taylor’s amazing vision, their parents, siblings, and friends time and dedication, and an incredible team of vendors!  I loved working with Katie and her team from A Little Party Events, Avenue Foods, Bunn DJ, and of course Foxie at Pharsalia!        2017-10-26_0005.jpg read more…

Blake + Ashlee | Married

Ashlee and Blake’s wedding at Alturia Farms kicked off my Fall weddings for the year…with a bang!  This was one for the books.  The day was flawless.  The weather was beautiful, the team of vendors, family members, and friends surrounding these two are unreal.  They also are not lacking in the party arena…ha!  I had so much fun just watching everyone dance and enjoy the beautiful night.  Ashlee and Blake have been together for awhile now and had been waiting on this day for over a year.  I hope it was all you two dreamed of.  I appreciated the way you two made me feel like I’ve known you forever, the way your families treated me, and the incredible team of people you surround yourself with.  For everyone that wasn’t there- think a pizza food truck, a canoe full of a beer, a queso and guac chip bar, and the best dance moves EVER…enjoy! // Vendors linked below!

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MJ + Lauren | Engaged

This past weekend was my first time having a shoot in DC…  I did not realize what I was missing out on!  We stayed at one location for the whole time and we had so many options for portraits and even saw a beautiful sunset.  Kobe, the golden doodle, was such a hit, all of the tourists wanted his picture.  MJ and Lauren have been together for a loooong time..they met back in their hometown.  Their wedding is going to be so special.  Thanks you two for being up for adventure, bringing along wine, and your cute puppy!  Enjoy this amazing couple and the Jefferson Memorial.  2017-09-14_0023.jpg read more…

Taylor | Family

I don’t normally share pictures of families on the blog but I had to share this one!  The Taylor family ALL graduated from JMU, how cool is that?!?  Mr. and Mrs. Taylor graduated in 1990 and 1991, Justin and Kathryn graduated in 2013 and 2014 and now Alexa graduated this year!  We had so much fun walking around campus.  Congrats to Alexa- you completed the family legacy!!! 2017-08-31_0001.jpg read more…

Nathan + Jessica | Engaged

I had the honor of meeting Nathan and Jessica at Jordan and Charise’s weddings last year!!  They are the sweetest couple and SO much fun.  It is rare that someone just jumps right into taking pictures and doesn’t seem nervous or awkward at all, but that’s exactly what happened with these two.  You can tell they are so comfortable together and good thing because they get married this fall!  Thanks for showing me around UVA and feeling more like friends than clients!!

PS- I will forever and ever be a Duke Dog through and through, but um wow this campus was beautiful!!!   2017-08-23_0046.jpg read more…

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