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Jim + Erin | Engaged

Jim and Erin are getting married SO SOON!  I can’t wait for their summer wedding!!  These two have been together for so long, they even met at one of my favorite places in Harrisonburg, Ruby’s bar.  Their relationship is full of adventure and excitement.  We bonded over our favorite places we’ve traveled.  They went to East Asia recently and will go to Norway on their honeymoon, how cool?!?  Anyway, for their engagement photos we explored a park and arboretum in Bridgewater, two places they like to spend time together.  Thanks again guys! 2017-05-16_0002.jpg read more…

Asheville, NC | April 2017

This past weekend was the ultimate road trip!  Emily, Kari, Emily and I all decided to go to Asheville and explore, no special holiday, just four girls looking for some fun!  We had such a blast!! Our Airbnb was amazing, cute house right downtown.  We Yelped (is that a verb now?!) our way through Asheville, NC for the best food and views.  Here are some pictures, and commentary on the places we went in case you’re thinking about going your self.  We highly recommend this fun outdoorsy town!  I am going to tag the websites so you can check out our favorite spots!

Our first stop was Farm Burger downtown Asheville.  They had all local beers on tap, build your own burgers that are farm fresh, and build your own fries!  We ate here around 9pm, we were starving and these burgers did NOT disappoint!  2017-04-24_0056.jpg read more…

Matt + Karen | Engaged

I had so much fun this past Sunday night with Matt and Karen.  I met Karen at our local Tuesdays Together meeting for wedding creatives about 6 months ago.  Karen is a wedding planner and owns her own business called Pretty Southern Events.  I LOVED working with her this past December on a styled shoot at a brand new event space downtown Richmond.  Click the link to her website and check out her beautiful work.

It was great meeting Matt and exploring the farm that Karen lives on.  This scenery was in her backyard!! We went fishing, played with horses, and watched a beautiful sunset.  I can’t wait for their wedding this coming Fall.  Thanks for such a fun night Karen and Matt!! 2017-04-04_0001.jpg read more…

Ryan + Erica | Married

What an amazing first wedding of 2017!! When I walked onto the property at Mankin Mansion I was in awe!  Everything was so beautiful.  Erica, Ryan, their families, and the staff at Mankin did an AMAZING job!  I truly felt like part of the Smith/Fallon clan after leaving.  Everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming.  People traveled from all over the country to be here for this day.  That truly shows what kind of people Ryan and Erica both are that they have people that love them in every corner of the country!  Thanks for such an incredible day, it was truly special and filled with good dancing, an amazing team of vendors, and love! To see and hear more about the team surrounding Ryan and Erica, be sure to follow through to the end.  Enjoy this beautiful, historic day at Mankin Mansion!  2017-03-21_0087.jpg read more…

Home Sweet Home

Life is a funny thing sometimes.  This time last year I kid you not I was DREADING my move to Richmond. I felt almost forced into it, and did not know what to expect and now… I’m here for good! I love my job, have met lots of people, and am so so happy I took a chance and moved here last summer. So much so that I bought a house!! This was such a big thing for me and has been in the works for the past three months. I have kept things quiet in case anything fell through.  Boy do I have sympathy for anyone that goes through the home buying process by themselves like I did…it was SO MUCH information! I am very very grateful to Tommy Sibiga- my amazing relator, Page Yonce- my amazing mortgage broker, and my family!!! You know you are in good hands when your mortgage guy was in your parents wedding and your realtor was your Young Life leader!  I would highly recommend Tommy and Page for all of your house buying needs.

Now onto the fun stuff. This house was the third house I looked at and literally the house of my dreams. It was a stretch financially but I am so excited to make it my own. I have been saving money since I was a little girl. I am very tight with my money and have dreamed of this day for so long. The house is in willow lawn, a block away from St. Mary’s in Richmond, Va. If you want to know the address, I’d be happy to send it to you, but not on the blog! It is a three bedroom house with lots of amazing details. The house was built in 1947 and recently majorly renovated. My favorite things about the house are the bonus room, garage, nooks and subway tile in the kitchen, and my absolute favorite- the backyard! I closed and was handed the keys yesterday! I felt giddy all day and drove there last night just to turn the lights on and off and you know sit in the attic, ha! I went out for a celebration dinner and will take my time moving things over and truly making it my home. I will be welcoming a roommate in May, and am SO excited to share this space with Carly. We have lots in common and I can’t wait to live with her! Any other questions feel free to ask. I will be posting more pictures soon and lots about projects in the future. For now, enjoy a few pictures of the process and pictures I snapped on Day 1! 2017-03-21_0132.jpg read more…

Weekend Recap

Soo….where’s the snow?!  Actually I think I am okay with no snow and very ready for spring! This weekend was PACKED, but I had a blast.  Here’s a little recap of a weekend home in Richmond.

Friday night was a night I had been looking forward to for awhile.  The week before was so crazy.  Friday came and Kate, Christina, and I were like wait…were going to see the Avett Brothers tonight!!! That’s the best feeling when things come up unexpected.  Before the show, we went to Wong Gonzalez, an asian mexican fusion restaurant.  Think orange chicken burritos, and taco meat friend rice, YUM!  Not only is the food good but the decor is on point.   read more…

Baby Emmett

Okay, I take back everything I ever said about not liking taking pictures of newborns.  Emmett is a month old and was PERFECT for our shoot, like no crying or anything, whatttt….I think he knew I had no experience with babies and he was watching out for me or maybe he has amazing parents; that’s probably it!  Erica and I went to college together, so it was so much fun seeing her and Mike with their first baby!  They are the best parents.  Emmett has no idea how lucky he is.  They have a beautiful home in Richmond, VA where we were able to do some pictures to always remember this sweet time of having a newborn!  Thanks again Mike, Erica, (and Emmett)! 2017-02-28_0014.jpg read more…

Iceland | Kristin & Arnar

I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to posting this session, time flies by!  These pictures are some of my favorite I’ve ever taken, I am so proud of them!  They are of a beautiful couple in no other than…. ICELAND!  Some fun behind the scenes shots at the end.

2017-02-21_0089.jpg read more…

Weekend Recap

Happy Valentines Day!!!! or as I like to call it, Galentines Day!! Monday came all to fast yesterday, but Richmond got an 80 degree day over the weekend, whoa! It was seriously the best.  Here’s a fun little recap of what felt like our first Spring weekend.

Friday kicked off with meeting friends at a new to me restaurant in Richmond.  Ever since moving to Richmond, I’ve become a total foodie.  In fact, I’m typing this blog post at a local acai bowl lunch spot.  Think lots of berries, topped with honey, coconut, and granola.  Anyway, the restaurant we tried on Friday was called Goatacado.  They had about 8 different style bowls, california, mexican, Mediterranean, asian, etc. Once you pick your style, then you alter your toppings.  They also serve local beer from breweries near by.  We all rated it A+ and felt very healthy (until later that night).    read more…

Justin & Mary Workshop

As a photographer and human being in general you are constantly learning.  That is one of my favorite things about being a teacher; most days I feel like I learn more than the students, it’s great.  These pictures are from a lighting workshop I attended last summer.  I decided this was worth the investment and was an area in my business that could use some growth.  I recently purchased lots of lighting equipment so I could be prepared in any situation during a wedding and this workshop was exactly what I needed to really learn the angles of light and how light and darkness work together to make up a little thing that we call a picture!  All of these pictures were taken inside and all used different levels of natural light, flash, and strobe light.  Thanks to Justin and Mary for the hands on workshop experience and a big thanks to our two beautiful models for the day!

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures, we were so lucky to be at the beautiful Mankin Mansion.  Erica and Ryan, I can’t wait to photograph you two at this beautiful location in March.    read more…

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