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Taylor + Kate | Engaged

This is a really special post for me!  Kate and I work together at Atlee.  Our desks actually touch and we have the exact same job!!!  We both are English Special Education Teachers.  It’s crazy to think I’ve only been at Atlee for a year because some of my absolute best friends I’ve met in Richmond have come from working there.  Kate is one of the best teachers I know, she is always calm in the chaos and I really appreciate that about her.  Her and Taylor have been together for a few years now and they are a perfect match.  They love to hang in the outdoors and they also recently just got a puppy!  Taylor is a firefighter in Chesterfield, lots of respect for him!

We had so much fun exploring Richmond together, I CAN’T WAIT to photograph their wedding in October.  Their venue is in the mountains and it looks like it’s out of a movie, just wait! Thanks again Kate and Taylor!   2017-08-15_0004.jpg read more…

JC + Shanna | Married

I have been looking forward to this wedding all year!  I actually met Shanna and JC at Kati and Brandon’s wedding last Fall.  Shanna is a special education teacher like myself and JC is a police officer with Brandon!  They are TROOPERS- they got married outside on that blistering hot Saturday in July- 107 degrees if I recall.  When you look through the pictures- you can not tell at all (until you get to the one of me at the end).  They looked amazing all day and night!  Lots of things made this wedding special.  1- Shanna and JC have a BRAND new baby niece who was able to be at the wedding!  2- Shanna’s first look with her dad – instant tears, get ready.  3- I knew a few guests at the wedding and felt like my whole career was made when Shanna said mid dancing during her reception- “I really wish we could drink and dance together right now.”  Me too girl, me too!  Let’s make that happen soon!!! These pictures speak for themselves, thanks for trusting me and hope you’re enjoying MARRIED life.  || An incredible team of vendors helped put this day together, all of their websites are linked at the bottom of the post!

2017-08-10_0002.jpg read more…


We are officially back home after a 10 day vacation!  I thought I’d share a few pictures I took around NC, Isle of Palms, and Charleston.  We had an absolute blast and ate LOTS of good food!  First stop was Winston-Salem for a mini reunion with my dad’s side of the family.  My uncle ordered shrimp from a fresh Alaska market that were two to a pound and had them waiting for us when we arrived…like I said we ate well!

Here’s the four siblings, so special when they get together.  They live in New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.  2017-08-08_0007.jpg read more…

David + Christina | Engaged

I can’t say enough about this amazing couple!! David and Christina are getting married next year at the Iconic Richmond John Marshall Hotel and Ballroom, I am SO excited and I think you’ll be able to tell, they are too!  Christina and I made the connection that we met one time while we were both at JMU, so cool!  Christina- you are beautiful, you were glowing during these portraits.  I love how happy you are around David!  David- I loved getting to know you, I see exactly why you two fell in love, you are a perfect match!  Thanks again for a fun night, Enjoy!    2017-07-25_0026.jpg read more…

Jim + Erin | Married

I am so excited to share photos from Jim and Erin’s beautiful Melrose Caverns July wedding!  Jim and Erin met at one of my favorite Harrisonburg restaurants, Ruby’s Lounge.  After that night, the rest is history!  A big theme surrounding Jim and Erin’s day was family.  I felt so honored to witness the love each of these families has for one another.  Between the speeches and advice during the ceremony and Erin’s family dancing during their family song I definitely had tears behind the camera.  I also appreciated how relaxed the day seemed.  The forecast scared us all but we got so lucky to have no rain and a beautiful sunset!  Jim and Erin opted not to have a bridal party and instead surrounded themselves with friends while they were getting ready and at the reception…and man could these friends party!  Jim and Erin- thanks for trusting me and having me along to be apart of your special day.  I hope you had an amazing time in Norway, enjoy your pictures! **Big kudos to the vendor team these two put together, links to all of their websites at the bottom of the post!  I’m off to start packing my bags for a wedding tomorrow, so excited!

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Long Overdue Summer Update!

WOW!  Blogging REALLY got away from me the past couple of months.  I am so happy to say the school year ended and I am officially on summer break!  I am looking forward to blogging lots more during these summer months.  As I am preparing for my first summer wedding tomorrow, I thought I would share a glimpse into my past two months before diving head first into wedding and engagement session posts.  Between hosting my first backyard cookout at my new place, my brother graduating from JMU, my first year teaching at Atlee concluding, and maintaining friendships, it has been a crazy busy last couple of months.  Thanks for following along, hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start.

First up was my brother’s graduation from JMU!  I had a BLAST being back in Harrisonburg and getting to know all of his friends a little better.  2017-06-29_0010.jpg read more…

Jim + Erin | Engaged

Jim and Erin are getting married SO SOON!  I can’t wait for their summer wedding!!  These two have been together for so long, they even met at one of my favorite places in Harrisonburg, Ruby’s bar.  Their relationship is full of adventure and excitement.  We bonded over our favorite places we’ve traveled.  They went to East Asia recently and will go to Norway on their honeymoon, how cool?!?  Anyway, for their engagement photos we explored a park and arboretum in Bridgewater, two places they like to spend time together.  Thanks again guys! 2017-05-16_0002.jpg read more…

Asheville, NC | April 2017

This past weekend was the ultimate road trip!  Emily, Kari, Emily and I all decided to go to Asheville and explore, no special holiday, just four girls looking for some fun!  We had such a blast!! Our Airbnb was amazing, cute house right downtown.  We Yelped (is that a verb now?!) our way through Asheville, NC for the best food and views.  Here are some pictures, and commentary on the places we went in case you’re thinking about going your self.  We highly recommend this fun outdoorsy town!  I am going to tag the websites so you can check out our favorite spots!

Our first stop was Farm Burger downtown Asheville.  They had all local beers on tap, build your own burgers that are farm fresh, and build your own fries!  We ate here around 9pm, we were starving and these burgers did NOT disappoint!  2017-04-24_0056.jpg read more…

Matt + Karen | Engaged

I had so much fun this past Sunday night with Matt and Karen.  I met Karen at our local Tuesdays Together meeting for wedding creatives about 6 months ago.  Karen is a wedding planner and owns her own business called Pretty Southern Events.  I LOVED working with her this past December on a styled shoot at a brand new event space downtown Richmond.  Click the link to her website and check out her beautiful work.

It was great meeting Matt and exploring the farm that Karen lives on.  This scenery was in her backyard!! We went fishing, played with horses, and watched a beautiful sunset.  I can’t wait for their wedding this coming Fall.  Thanks for such a fun night Karen and Matt!! 2017-04-04_0001.jpg read more…

Ryan + Erica | Married

What an amazing first wedding of 2017!! When I walked onto the property at Mankin Mansion I was in awe!  Everything was so beautiful.  Erica, Ryan, their families, and the staff at Mankin did an AMAZING job!  I truly felt like part of the Smith/Fallon clan after leaving.  Everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming.  People traveled from all over the country to be here for this day.  That truly shows what kind of people Ryan and Erica both are that they have people that love them in every corner of the country!  Thanks for such an incredible day, it was truly special and filled with good dancing, an amazing team of vendors, and love! To see and hear more about the team surrounding Ryan and Erica, be sure to follow through to the end.  Enjoy this beautiful, historic day at Mankin Mansion!  2017-03-21_0087.jpg read more…

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