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Life is a funny thing sometimes.  This time last year I kid you not I was DREADING my move to Richmond. I felt almost forced into it, and did not know what to expect and now… I’m here for good! I love my job, have met lots of people, and am so so happy I took a chance and moved here last summer. So much so that I bought a house!! This was such a big thing for me and has been in the works for the past three months. I have kept things quiet in case anything fell through.  Boy do I have sympathy for anyone that goes through the home buying process by themselves like I did…it was SO MUCH information! I am very very grateful to Tommy Sibiga- my amazing relator, Page Yonce- my amazing mortgage broker, and my family!!! You know you are in good hands when your mortgage guy was in your parents wedding and your realtor was your Young Life leader!  I would highly recommend Tommy and Page for all of your house buying needs.

Now onto the fun stuff. This house was the third house I looked at and literally the house of my dreams. It was a stretch financially but I am so excited to make it my own. I have been saving money since I was a little girl. I am very tight with my money and have dreamed of this day for so long. The house is in willow lawn, a block away from St. Mary’s in Richmond, Va. If you want to know the address, I’d be happy to send it to you, but not on the blog! It is a three bedroom house with lots of amazing details. The house was built in 1947 and recently majorly renovated. My favorite things about the house are the bonus room, garage, nooks and subway tile in the kitchen, and my absolute favorite- the backyard! I closed and was handed the keys yesterday! I felt giddy all day and drove there last night just to turn the lights on and off and you know sit in the attic, ha! I went out for a celebration dinner and will take my time moving things over and truly making it my home. I will be welcoming a roommate in May, and am SO excited to share this space with Carly. We have lots in common and I can’t wait to live with her! Any other questions feel free to ask. I will be posting more pictures soon and lots about projects in the future. For now, enjoy a few pictures of the process and pictures I snapped on Day 1! 2017-03-21_0132.jpgMy first of many Ikea trips!

Signing the final closing documents with my attorney yesterday! 2017-03-21_0128.jpg
2017-03-21_0134.jpgThe front room when you walk in the house.
2017-03-21_0123.jpgI LOVE all the natural light and updates in the kitchen!
2017-03-21_0138.jpgEach bedroom has two closets!
2017-03-21_0139.jpgMore pictures coming soon, thanks for stopping by and to all who have supported me in this next adventure!