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Hi there, I’m Ashley Edmunds and I photograph weddings all over the world but my heart is in Virginia.
I grew up in Richmond, lived in the heart of Shenandoah for 7 years, and then found my way back to Richmond. Once you get to know me, you’ll see I’m a little Richmond obsessed. I can help you find the best restaurant, park, or brewery for any part of this wonderful city. I love photographing weddings here at home, in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, DC, and beyond! When I’m not photographing weddings I’m most likely chasing River, my yellow lab trying to get a shoe out of his mouth, teaching my high school kiddos, or traveling with my amazing fiance Craig. 

HillCrest | Clifton Forge, Va

  1. Teri Bowers Hall says:

    Beautiful Pictures! I have many memories there also, I graduated with Meade and was also friends with Becky. They were a special family that touched many people’s lives. It was great to see you all together making wonderful memories you will cherish for the rest of your life! I know I still cherish mine. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gail Duncan Wallace says:

    So happy you got to enjoy this special home. Sorry I wasn’t here to see your family. I went to school with them and your grandmother was my doctor growing. You were born into a very special family!!

  3. Gail Duncan Wallace says:

    So sorry I was out of town and didn’t get to visit with your family. My husband and I went to school with them. Your grandmother was my doctor growing up. What a sweet lady?

  4. Nancy Little Rutherford says:

    Ashley, Your pictures are out of this world. Uncle Meade would have been pleased.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a family. Much to be proud of. We all loved all the Edmunds family.

  6. Ken Limerick says:

    So wonderful to see. Beautiful home. Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing !!

  7. Melinda Johnson says:

    These pictures are beautiful memories of the beautiful home on way up on McCormick, Dr. Julia Edmunds ( My children’s dr), what a beautiful home. I wd love to know who the faces are. Some familiar but I’ve been gone for a long time. Thanks for the walk diwn memory lane. I remember once ” trying ” to ice skate in back of that house when I was a girl. I was better on wheels. I grew up on Commercial. We absolutely LOVED Dr. Julia Edmunds. She was the best! What a tragic loss. My parents were fond of Dr. Emmett too. Thank you. Just awesome.

  8. Denise O'Donnell says:

    Really enjoyed seeing that! Thanks for sharing Ashley.

  9. Cinderella Sanders says:

    What a wonderful way to honor your parents. It was awesome to see you all reunited together again in a home where much to happen began. Best wishes to you all. And Birthday wishes to my dearest friend Anne

  10. Anonymous says:

    This was do totally awesome. What a wonderful time you must have had and wonderful memories were made ❤️??

  11. Basia Jenkins MD says:

    Thank you for sharing such incredible memories !
    Absolutely beautiful to enjoy.
    You have a rich family history to be proud of and to share .

  12. Tammy Lynn Conner says:

    So happy you all could stay at your home again! Also great seeing you four back together again!!

  13. Josephine Hughes Dellinger says:

    Ashley – you did a beautiful job with the photography, but you had super material to work with. I am so sorry you did not have an opportunity to know your grandmother, Julia Emmett Edmunds. She was a grand lady in so many ways. You have a remarkable father, as well. I remember John as a tiny child, maybe 2-3 years old when he would come to the hospital with Annabell to bring Dr. Emmett’s lunch. I work for your great grandfather for the last five years of his life. John was so shy, he would try to hide behind Annabell’s legs and would peep out of the side. John is a great, great guy. Good to meet you, too, as well as your mother, this weekend.

  14. Mehmet Ascioglu says:

    Hi, I was searching for John Edmunds, who was my friend from Virginia Tech. We had visited his house in Clifton Forge and stayed for the weekend in this beautiful house. Met his parents. So sad to hear his dad pass away, may he rest in peace. Pls share my mail address with him, I would love to reconnect

  15. Michael Wright says:

    Sorry I am just finding these fabulous photos. Better late than never! From kindergarten through college, Becky and I were side by side. Luckily, we remain in close touch to this day. The Emmett and Edmunds family have been a cornerstone of the CF community. The legacy that they have left will be felt for generations to come. Hail to this family now and always.

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