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Hi there, I’m Ashley Edmunds and I photograph weddings all over the world but my heart is in Virginia.
I grew up in Richmond, lived in the heart of Shenandoah for 7 years, and then found my way back to Richmond. Once you get to know me, you’ll see I’m a little Richmond obsessed. I can help you find the best restaurant, park, or brewery for any part of this wonderful city. I love photographing weddings here at home, in Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, DC, and beyond! When I’m not photographing weddings I’m most likely chasing River, my yellow lab trying to get a shoe out of his mouth, teaching my high school kiddos, or traveling with my amazing fiance Craig. 

Birth Story | Julianna May

  1. Anne says:

    What a wonderful recap of your journey! It was informative and will be a great help to many upcoming ‘moms’. I cannot wait to meet my great niece. I already love her and will spoil her for years to come. After all, my name is Anne, often called ‘Annie’. Ashley, I am so happy for you and Craig as you have welcomed Julianna into your lives.

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